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The Iconic shape of Fifth & West


In designing Fifth & West, we dared to do what few people admit to: We cut a corner. And in doing so, we created a shape that stands alone in the Austin skyline. Our iconic triangular shape was an architectural game-changer. It not only broke new ground, but gave us license to think outside the box of the typical glass residential tower. A shape defined and dictated by Austin’s Capitol View Corridor that allows us to charge forward with a bold new angle on luxe living. Elevated city views greet every residence, and everyone gets a piece of the atmospheric action.

Nearly half the residences unleash views that span 315° — an impossible feat for traditional square buildings. Fifth & West was designed to re-frame the art of downtown living. To refresh your senses and reward your spirit. To be a towering tribute to a city that prides itself on doing things differently. We didn’t set out to be the tallest. We set out to be the best. Mediocrity has an antidote. And yes, friends, it’s triangular.



Low density luxury


There’s a maxim in the real estate business: You want your luxury high and your density low. It’s a sentiment we took to heart in designing Fifth & West. Our commitment to low-density luxury is on display throughout the building: Larger residences and fewer neighbors, more room and less transient traffic. A luxury residential tower packed with amenities, not people.

Low-density also means we’ve chosen to keep the hustle to a minimum, leaving you more personal space for lounging, exercising, entertaining, or peaceful recuperation. It means a best-in-class average of less than five residences per floor, an abundance of spacious 3 bedroom 3 bath floor plans, and communal spaces that you can enjoy freely.

Because with no hotel guests, it’s all yours. One of life’s great luxuries is space. Space to move,
to grow, and to live. With that in mind, the most important question to ask when considering a new luxury residence isn’t how many residences there are. It’s how many there aren’t.



Floorplans & Features


No matter the size of your family, carbon footprint, or residential itch, Fifth & West has a floor plan tailored to meet your needs. Fourteen unique plans, from 1 to 4 bedrooms, span 33 residential floors, each of which offers a host of envy-inducing features, and average over 1,750 square feet of  thoughtfully designed interior space.

Kitchens open wide to share space with your living area, setting a stage worthy of entertainment, with graceful Italian cabinetry and chef-inspired Miele appliances.

Bathrooms are clad in marble and built for relaxation. A residential oasis, appointed with the finest fixtures, and luxurious enough to make spa-days an every-morning occurrence. Recognizing that modern living demands utility beyond square footage alone, 75% of all plans include a study or den — a welcome addition to the traditional bedroom count.

Did we mention the views? Every residence gets one. So whether you live in a 2-bedroom on the 15th floor, or a 3-bedroom on the 33rd, floor-to-ceiling glass will rise to meet you morning and night.

Welcome to Fifth & West, an architectural masterpiece that you can comfortably call home.



A story in every detail


The floors are white oak. Wide planks, sanded down smooth. We didn’t want hand-scraped wood, and for good reason: It tends to be rough on the toes.

Beyond that, you’ll find marble-tiled bathrooms, solid-quartz kitchen countertops, and glass-lined showers. Details carefully curated to thump mediocrity on its misguided head.

This was no ordinary design exercise. Every surface, texture, and angle was thoughtfully weighed; aesthetics and utility graciously balanced. Only the finest materials would do, leaving discriminating buyers without the need to change a thing.

We’ve established truly turnkey residences, ready to be loved and lived in. The proof is everywhere you look. In every surface you touch. Revel in the exacting details. And don’t even get us started on the windows and their Capitol corridor views.

That’s another story altogether.





With over 20,000 square feet of amenities, we’ve got more communal spaces and convenient features than there are taco joints in town. Feel free to explore them all and discuss your culinary findings over coffee in one of our comfortable community lounges. There is no better illustration of our focus on details than in the thoughtfulness we’ve applied to this tower’s amenities.

The resort-style pool and magnificent city views on the Skydeck are for the sole use of resident sun-lovers, free of visiting festival-goers or day-tripping out-of-towners. The outdoor grill and bar anxiously await your barbecue tongs as the open-air portico next door shelters your hungry friends, anticipating your kabobs with bated breath. The lifestyle center is an on-demand fitness area complete with yoga room and more glass than a city aquarium—stocked with functional fitness equipment that rivals even the finest of Austin’s gyms. In short, Fifth & West offers more amenity space for pet lovers and pool loungers than any other new or under-construction downtown property. It’s that simple.

Given its features and amenities, you may never want to leave your palace. Although, considering our location in the heart of the Market District, we highly recommend a jaunt around the block from time to time. Beyond enjoying downtown’s majesty, it’s also not a bad way to gather supplies, or your thoughts for that matter.



Elevated Pet Verandah


The day you chose to adopt a dog, you signed an imaginary contract. A commitment to shelter, feed, and love your furry friend through thick and thin. To keep their water bowl filled, their coats brushed, and their favorite treats on hand. And of course, to act as their personal potty chauffeur — always on call to take charge when you hear a muffled bark, or an urgent scratch at the front door. In most residential buildings, that means a long trip downstairs to locate a suitable plot of territory to mark. But at Fifth & West, we decided to trounce tradition and replace it with something completely new.

Situated on the fifth floor, the elevated pet verandah is a pooch paradise. An indoor/outdoor play space with artificial turf, water, and treat stations, as well as bathing tubs for Labs and lap dogs alike. And hey, we even threw in a climate-controlled pet-owner’s lounge, complete with a coffee bar and a flat-screen TV.

Because if your pup gets to live it up, we think you should too. An unprecedented offering, the pet verandah elevates the canine potty break into a relaxing interlude for humans as well.

Come. Sit. Stay.



Texas Team


In accomplishing Fifth & West, Riverside Resources developed more than a mere structure. They captured the vibe of a city like no other. They sculpted a 39-story residential homage to a town that inspires and attracts a mélange of creative thinkers and doers — no small feat, mind you. After a topographical deep dive, they recognized a plot of land at the corner of Fifth Street and West Avenue as the ideal homestead. A “just right” location at the center of Austin’s vibrant Market District. Perfectly close to the downtown Business and Entertainment Districts, without being smack-dab in the middle of them.

It’s the perfect balance of residential and cosmopolitan. Close to everything, yet still comfortably removed.

Next up, they enlisted the expertise of Michael Hsu and his architectural firm’s hive mind. Michael’s team of cultural anthropologists and curators created amenity spaces that live and breathe Austin. They were the perfect team for the task, having already channeled the Austin experience into some of the most talked-about structures on the planet. Thanks to them and a handful of other talented Texans, Fifth & West stands ready to join that conversation, and claim its place within Austin’s distinctive skyline.

Yes, Fifth & West was built to channel this town, not Manhattan or San Francisco. It’s a towering tribute to Austin and it’s unique spirit: Warm, generous and soulful. Bravo.





Fifth & West is more than a residential tower. It’s your private skybox. Or more appropriately, your sky triangle. A soaring achievement meant to elevate your senses, heighten your experiences, and simultaneously enhance your mood and expectations. An escape from the ordinary.

Gazed upon from here, the city’s vistas will surely drop your jaw. The views are more than a mere footnote for this building. They are the epicenter of the story. The proverbial bullseye. The impossible-to-ignore reason for this magnificent structural statement.

Fifth & West was shaped specifically to accommodate the protected Capitol View Corridor, a sight line completely unique to Austin, allowing 315° views from more than half of all the residences.

They’re the kind of views that must be seen to be believed. Views that make other views in this town seem downright pedestrian.

We could go on and on about how much blue your investment at Fifth & West will return, about how much sky will greet your living room, but why? Come experience it for yourself.  Inquire today.



Grand Staircase


The entrance to your home is more than just a doorway. It’s a first impression. An introductory statement to your guests, setting the expectations for what’s to come.

At Fifth & West, we couldn’t agree more. So we took this notion, and boy did we run with it.

Being welcomed into Fifth & West begins with an ascent. The grand travertine staircase at the building’s entrance is sheltered beneath a vast wooden ceiling. You’ll be able to enjoy the energy of the street below from the tranquility of the main floor’s secluded garden terrace, situated a precision cut above West 5th Street. A perfect place to catch your breath after a day of urban bustle.

As you pass through the welcome level, experiencing its warm grandeur and extraordinary appointments, it will occur to you that you feel right at home — long before you’ve arrived at your door.

It’s an entrance that doesn’t just say you’re here. It says you’ve arrived.



Welcome Level and Lounge


There are a few words that will come to mind once you’ve traversed the grand staircase and entered the welcome level at Fifth & West — awesome, spacious, spectacular — but certainly not “lobby.”

We built our welcome level to be so much more than a reception area. We built a safe haven, a welcoming sanctuary where resident services are offered 24 hours a day, under locally handmade fixtures that serve as much as artwork as lighting.

After a quick chat with your concierge (perhaps a dinner reservation?), glide into the spacious community room and lounge, complete with refreshment area.

An ideal environment for pleasure or business, meticulously curated to foster a perfect environment for a quick catch-up or a prolonged negotiation. And if business is indeed the order of the day, an enclosed conference room forged of metal and glass stands at the ready.

Whether pulling together a business meeting, kicking up your feet to relax with the morning paper, or simply passing through, the welcome level lounge serves as the perfect preamble to the luxuries that await you above.

You’re welcome.



3BR Residences


You’ve completed what is arguably the most important job of your life. You’ve sherpa-ed your children through childhood and turned them into full-fledged adults. Are you at the stage in life where you’re ready to trade in the responsibilities of parenting for some much-needed and well-deserved pampering? Well it just so happens we’ve raised a tower to reward you for all your hard work.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say this building was made just for you.

Fifth & West was designed intentionally to include an uncommonly large number of spacious 3 bedroom 3 bath residences, averaging nearly 2,500 square feet each, many of which include a study or den.

This array of larger residences means a smaller, more exclusive population, ensuring more space and freedom for those of you ready to move downtown, but not keen on tossing all of your memories into the dustbin.

It means you’ll have plenty of room to keep the life you love, with plenty of space left over for the kids to visit. The operative word being “visit.”

It’s high time you built a new nest, and Fifth & West has started the process for you. With residences thoughtfully appointed with every comfort. White oak flooring, state-of-the-art appliances, spa bathrooms, and chef-inspired kitchens await you.

The perfect selection of amenities that you could ever ask for in a residential building, setting the new standard for luxe downtown Austin living. It’s your turn, it’s your time. And we know the perfect place to make the most of it.



Integrated Automation Technology

Keyless entry is just the beginning.

Imagine a world in which you and your home are always in sync. Seamlessly communicating through the mobile phone in your pocket or purse. Wirelessly aware of your schedule, your preferences, even your mood.

We recognize that integrated home technology is there to simplify, not complicate. To allow you to open your door automatically with the simple wave of a key fob. To have the temperature always set to “just right” without ever touching the thermostat. To ensure your automated lights and window shades invoke the ideal mood for an 8pm wine constitutional, or maintain the perfect ratio of shade to sky.

It’s all infinitely possible at Fifth & West. Each and every residence is configured with Savant Home Automation, allowing for effortless technological integration between home and owner via smartphone or tablet.

In addition, all residences are prewired for distributed video and audio, feature WiFi-enabled HVAC and smart thermostats, and offer automated lighting packages and motorized shades that are seamlessly integrated with your mobile device.

This is a world where your shades open the moment that glorious sun rises to meet your expansive views. A world where you can curate a musical playlist on the flight home that plays only when you set foot into your entryway, greeting you as you pass through your keyless front door. A world where your home knows you like a trusted friend, always standing at the ready.

Your technologically savvy homestead in the sky awaits you.



Sky Deck and Resident Parlor


A short ride to the 6th story will place you in the midst of a very special floor. A floor entirely dedicated to amenities, and amenities only.

Step off the elevator and turn your gaze to the wall of floor-to-ceiling glass that frames a spectacular view of the resort-style pool. And just beyond, the even more spectacular cityscape of downtown Austin.

Next, enter the wide-open expanse that is our residence parlor. A luxurious and versatile indoor/outdoor space complete with living room, reading area, and lounge. In the center of the parlor is the event kitchen and matching dining room. If you’re hosting an aperitif and antipasto pairing, this is the place to show off. Tucked behind it all is the expansive fitness area, complete with yoga studio.

A short walk through the parlor leads you outside to the Sky Deck and portico, where a sliding glass wall brings the great outdoors inside, creating an entirely new indoor/outdoor space with even more room to play.

If there’s a light chill in the air, the fire pit is available to make amends. It’s a great place to relax and feel part of a unique community of dreamers, doers, and adventurers with many interesting stories to tell. And what a fine place to tell them.



Concierge Attendants


Ever have one of those days where you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached?

That feeling is all-too-common amongst busy human beings with calendars packed with flights, important meetings, special anniversaries and other obligations.

Fortunately, we’re willing to donate our brains to the cause of keeping your life running smoothly. Our lobby is staffed by a concierge to serve you 24/7. Dedicated to resident comfort and convenience, our concierge attendant is there to provide a variety of services, day or night.

They’ll slip you inside information, like where to get the best Pad-Thai in town, or which cafe makes the best cortado.

Need last-minute dinner reservations for seven? Done. A pair of tickets to a show? We’re on it. A last-minute bouquet of flowers? They’ve got florists on speed dial.

Our attendants also act as gatekeepers to life’s important everyday needs. Like arranging access to your residence for housekeeping, childcare and pet services. Or accommodating package and laundry deliveries. Services that may sound mundane, but when your day runs this smoothly, it can be every bit as exciting as VIP access to Van Halen at ACL.

Simply put, our concierges know the neighborhood better than most cats.





Nobody gets excited about parking. It’s just not high on the list of fascinating things people discuss on a daily basis.Until it doesn’t work. Then it’s cause for aggravation, frustration, even tears. But excitement? Never.

At Fifth & West, clever thinking abounds, and we’ve spent thousands of hours creating an effortless parking experience that’s actually worth getting excited about.

Let’s start with the basics. Every resident spot is assigned. You won’t waste a moment looking for your car ever again. And unlike most garages that go down, down, down, the Fifth & West parking experience has been reimagined in both directions — five floors down, and five floors up.

It means you’ll never spend eons circling the garage before you put it in park. Nor will you be made to wait at the gates to get in or out of our building, thanks to RFID readers that will turn your car and the garage into fast friends. The entry and exit gates open automatically as you pull up.

Unlike most buildings with only one way in or out, our two discreet entrances and exits are designed to accommodate peak drive times — one on Fifth, and one on West. Twice the exits means half the traffic. Simple.

We can’t stress enough how much less stressed you’ll feel.



Residences for Residents


At Fifth & West, our residences are for residents only. Crazy, right?

Take a quick look around town at comparable luxury towers and you’ll see just how radical a concept this actually is. It seems it’s become fashionable for downtown towers to tell their owners that they’ll be sharing their new home with a revolving door of transient guests and out-of-towners; that their treadmills and yoga studios will be packed with SXSW-goers and day trippers.

Here at Fifth & West, we can offer luxury that few others can. Everything we have is here for residents and residents only. In other words, it’s all yours.

It’s low-density living at its finest. Luxury without the crowds. No crowds in the fitness area. No crowds on the pet verandah, or at the pool. No crowds entering or leaving the garage.

Simply put, we treasure your personal space almost as much as you do, and we believe your personal space should remain that way.

We set out to design and build a luxury residential tower of incomparable quality. Where every detail has been considered, and every luxury has been designed to contribute to the effortless living experience of our owners and their guests, not to those of an attached hotel.

Sure, on occasion, a great hotel can be one of the finer things in life, but it can never be a home. It’s a hotel. Best to let them stay that way.



Steps Away From Everything


Step right up, or should we say out, and meet your neighborhood. Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s. Two artisanal grocery stores that practice their gourmet trades literally steps away from the lobby.

Hungry? Point yourself in the other direction and you’ll find Fixe, Wu Chow and Red Ash. For more casual fare, Irene’s is just across the street, and The Grove and Walton’s are a stone’s throw away. A buffet of options awaits the adventurous palette, and our concierges are available to help cultivate your curiosity.

If your day calls for exercise, or even a brisk walk, Austin’s famous Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail is a few short blocks away. It circles Lady Bird Lake, stretching alongside, over and back around again, creating a perfect cardio circuit for your walk, ride or run.

And then there’s the lake itself. A canoe or kayak on a leisurely afternoon sounds nice. Or perhaps try your hand (and feet) at stand-up paddle boarding — we dare you to find a more tranquil way to condition your core.

Fifth & West is situated at the perfect cool-down distance from the aerobic outdoor workout of your choice, or simply for a leisurely outing on a beautiful Austin day.

When day turns to night, you can pick your poison. You’re close (but not too close) to a street famous for high-class watering holes, music venues, and countless beloved eateries.

Austin and everything it has to offer is more than close. It’s your new backyard.


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.46.14 AM

Chef-Appointed Kitchens


Let’s start by stating the obvious: an incredible kitchen in your new luxury residence is more than an important feature, it’s an absolute necessity. When you consider that you’ll probably spend more waking hours in your kitchen than in any other room in your home, it becomes even more essential. So it’s gotta be great. Better than great. The best.

At Fifth & West, every residence is constructed with this mission in mind. To design a kitchen worthy of the time and attention it will surely receive.

To accomplish this, we outfitted your new kitchen with a lengthy list of thoughtfully selected features, manufactured by a who’s who of the most celebrated names in the business.

German-engineered appliances from Miele. Moen stainless steel sinks. Hansgrohe steel-optic faucets and Italkraft custom-fit cabinetry. Not to mention luxurious appointments like solid quartz backsplashes and countertops, and waterfall-edged islands.

All of this in a layout as open to the living area as the view from your sweeping windows, because open is how all kitchens should be.

Open for socializing. Open for fun. Open for lively conversation across the island, whether you’re preparing a holiday feast for ten, a Tuesday night dinner for two or just enjoying a glass of red with your latest Netflix binge flickering on the flat-screen across the room.



Spa Baths


It’s got more names than any room in the house: the restroom, washroom, powder room, water closet, lavatory, loo. Whatever euphemism you choose to apply, a bathroom is a bathroom, right? And every home has one.

That is, until you elevate it. Then it becomes something else entirely. When you dedicate the time and attention to details, textures and surfaces that we have, suddenly the humble bathroom becomes a personal sanctuary.

A private palace. A serenity spa.

Every residence at Fifth & West offers one or more spacious spa bathrooms, each of which is decadently clad in marble — draping the floors and vanities, and setting off the frameless glass showers.

Wash basins and water closets are among Kohler’s finest, as are the fixtures from Hansgrohe. Recessed LED lighting and wall sconces will light your path as you wander through a vast expanse of lavatorial luxury. In short, our residents will enjoy the finest facilities that can possibly be offered.

Because up here, in this gleaming glass tower, the luxury doesn’t end at the bathroom door. It’s just getting started.



Coffee Culture


No doubt about it, this is a coffee town. Home to hundreds of local craft purveyors, merchants and cafes, it’s not a stretch to say that Austin is swimming in it.

But why is it that new world urban meccas like Austin so embrace coffee culture? Perhaps it’s because it’s not really about coffee at all. It’s about community. Because where there’s coffee, there’s conversation. And camaraderie. Concepts we care about deeply in this town, and in this building.

So it’s no surprise that you’ll find coffee bars smack dab in the middle of the two most communal spaces in the building. Whether passing through the first floor residential lounge or watching your dog burn off steam with a few laps around the pet verandah, you’ll smell the roasted Arabica beans and know you’re around friends.

We’ve created a building that comforts the soul, facilitates connections, and fosters a true sense of community. It’s no wonder that coffee is our beverage of choice at Fifth & West.



The Architect


A little credit where credit is due.

We’re sharing a lot of great stories about talented folks and the contributions they’ve made in creating Fifth & West, but none are more important than the ingenious efforts that came from our fellow Texans at GDA Architects in Dallas.

GDA, an architectural firm specializing in designing luxury, multi-family residences, is responsible for the design of our building and the commanding views it affords its residents.

Fifth & West would frankly be no more than a corner with a dream, were it not for the imagination of an audacious architectural team and their aesthetically bold geographic solution.

In the words of Charles Gromatzky, GDA’s founder, “We didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. The site told us what it wanted, and the ideal answer revealed itself as a triangle.”

That triangular bias of the building and the way it’s situated on the site solved a host of challenges in one brilliant move, allowing a building with one elegantly cut corner to rise up and meet the sky
in spectacular fashion.

A bold design stroke that revealed more glass, more interest, and more unobstructed views than we had ever imagined possible. Bravo, Charles.



Square Footage


Who says a family-sized homestead has to be tucked away in a sleepy suburb on the outskirts of town? Certainly not us. We had a feeling this town was ready to embrace the idea of full-sized residences in a downtown luxury tower, and we believe our instincts were correct.

With an average square footage over 1,750 square feet, and an abundance of sprawling 3 bedroom plans approaching 3,000 square feet, it’s safe to say the residences at Fifth & West will allow you more than enough room to spread out, with plenty of real estate left over for the family grand piano or home office.

This abundance of square footage is no accident. Fifth & West was conceived from the get-go to be the antidote to the stack ‘em and pack ‘em glass boxes that have begun to populate the Austin skyline. A counter argument to packed corridors and crowded elevators.

Because the bigger the residence, the fewer the residents. It means when you live here, you’re part of an exclusive community of homeowners who place a high value on personal space, and personal luxury.

At Fifth & West, the concepts of spacious living and downtown convenience are no longer mutually exclusive. Come see what it’s like to feel right at home, right at the center of your favorite city.



Residential Terraces


Here’s a refreshing thought.

At Fifth & West, we believe that a residential terrace, while certainly luxurious, shouldn’t be a luxury available only to a lucky few. Everyone should have the freedom to step outside and take in the fresh air.

So we decided to design many of the residences at Fifth & West with a covered terrace. Did we say “many?” Truth is, 100% of the residences come equipped with their own private outdoor observation areas.

So commence the sweet-tea consumption, card games and cloud-gazing, and let the sunset watching and skyline-gazing begin. There is no better place to take in the vistas afforded by the Capitol View Corridor or to soak up the seemingly endless Texas sky than from the open splendor of your own open terrace.

As you listen to the distant sounds of the city beneath you, you’ll appreciate that a well-placed terrace can do more than improve your mood. It can soothe your soul.



Building vs. Boutique


Shopping for a high-rise residence in downtown Austin is no easy feat. Residential condos are currently limited and seemingly cut from the same cloth. So how do you properly assess a high-rise residence?

Some answers are easily provided, such as location and price, but many questions can be better answered by asking more insightful questions. Rather than asking how many total residences there are, ask how few there are.

Rather than asking about the size of the fitness center, ask whether you’ll be sharing it with hotel guests. It’s about density, and exclusiveness. In other words, It’s not about how many residences there are. It’s about how many there aren’t. It’s these distinctions that separate a truly boutique residence from another glass box packed with people.

And with Fifth & West, the numbers speak for themselves: The largest percentage of 3 bedroom residences (39%), the most resident-only pool space (1,639 sq ft) and the most spacious pet park (2,208 sq ft) of any luxury high-rise condominium within the Austin city limits.

Truth is, Fifth & West offers spectacular value both in price and in the unmatched quality of the offering. Once you’ve compared it to all other luxury condominiums in Austin, we have no doubt you’ll agree. Fifth & West is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to count yourself among the 154 lucky residents to own something truly extraordinary. Something not unlike Austin itself: incomparable to anything else.



Electric Vehicles


At Fifth & West, to say we consider ourselves forward-thinking is an understatement.

You can see it in our choice of location, in the heart of Austin’s most-desirable neighborhood with panoramic views protected by the Capitol View Corridor. And in our master plan, which recognizes the demand for more square footage and fewer residents. And in every aspect of the building’s design itself, from indoor dog parks, to residences pre-wired with automated home technology.

But honestly, to glimpse the future you really don’t need to look any further than the parking garage.

You’ll find that every one of our parking spots is able to support electric vehicle charging. In fact, Fifth & West is the only residence in Austin capable of placing a charging station directly in your assigned spot, and has been deemed 100% Electric Vehicle Ready by Austin Energy.

Never again will you wait in line to fill your battery, and long gone are the days of splitting your utility bill with roommates. We believe that you should only pay for the electricity that you consume, not a portion of the entire building’s usage.

Because your home should recharge you. Figuratively, and literally.



Dropped Ceilings


As with so many things in life, it’s the smallest details than often have the biggest impact.

Take the ceilings in each and every residence at Fifth & West. We chose not to leave them finished in bare concrete, as so many do, but rather to drop them, floating just below.

A small consideration, right? Not hardly. Turns out that a mere six inches of space adds miles of distance to the breathtaking views we pride ourselves on. Recessed shade pockets tuck the window shades up and out of sight, ensuring a clean, seamless view, free from obstruction.

In addition, it allowed us to stealthily plumb all the ducting and wiring out of sight and out of mind.

The result? A clean and unencumbered space that functions more like a blank canvas, leaving you more room to make the space your own.

Not all residential towers are so accommodating. These are the attentive details that set us apart from the pack. Well-considered, as to be invisible. So that as you enjoy them everyday, you’ll never give them a second thought.



Welcome Floor Conference Room


The first floor welcome level plays host to a myriad of uses, all thoughtfully curated for the convenience of the building’s residents. But it is the beautifully-appointed conference room that perhaps provides the best description of the Fifth & West philosophy.

To start, it’s stunning. Constructed of glass and matte black steel, with natural wood accents throughout, it’s a design that rejects the generic, modular beige boxes of typical conference rooms and suggests that even though the subject matter may be dry, the room should be anything but.

A Sonos wireless sound bar, dedicated conference phone and flat-screen TV help to bring any presentation to life, along with high-speed internet connection. All the perks one might expect out of a commercial office space, contained in one room dedicated to business.

Next, its location is indicative of our belief that residential areas should be exclusively for residential activities, and that impromptu business with partners and guests are better conducted in one of our common areas. Its placement on our first floor assures that you’ll never have to Skype into an emergency board-of-directors meeting within earshot of a friendly neighbor doing balance lunges
in the fitness center.

It’s an important room in an important building full of important people. After all, nothing says you’re on your game like the ability to drop everything and host a spontaneous meeting. To lead the charge without having to leave the building.

As always, it’s the best of both worlds at Fifth & West. A residential haven that means business when you do.



Resort Style Pool


Fittingly, the pool at Fifth & West was conceived through immersion. By diving deep and discovering what the ideal residential pool should be. By blurring the lines between aesthetic beauty and recreational utility.

Fountains that gracefully recirculate water. Umbrellas situated to minimize visual clutter. Chaise lounges that are partially and thoughtfully submerged in the cool, crisp water.

At over 1,600 square feet, it is the centerpiece of the incredible Sky Deck on the sixth floor. A pool that will allow you to soak up the spectacular downtown views in absolute serenity and comfort, unobscured by cranes and construction.

It’s private, and thus, reserved only for residents and their guests. An oasis to be enjoyed as you see fit: in the company of friends and family, or completely by yourself, if that’s the mood that strikes you.

Oh, the depths we’ll go to create an extraordinary place to call home.



Market District


Whether you feel like some authentic street tacos, a hand-shaken cocktail, or are looking to pick up your favorite Texas songwriter’s latest release on vinyl, the vibrant and highly desirable neighborhood that surrounds Fifth & West has you covered.

Ideally situated on the western side of downtown Austin, you’ll be close to everything, without being uncomfortably stuck in the middle of the maelstrom. An obvious reason why Austin’s Market District has fast become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city, if not the entire country.

The distance to your favorite destinations is measured in blocks, not miles. By minutes on foot, not ages in traffic.

Five-star restaurants, local cafes and artisanal beer gardens. Designer clothing, premium furniture and quality outdoor supplies. Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and a farmer’s market on Saturdays. All steps away from your home. It’s a neighborhood with as many stories as our building, if not more. But rest assured, none of them will be about overzealous hotel guests or nightly nonstop bar-crawls.

Fifth & West is living proof that there’s a fine art to choosing the perfect location. Close enough to where the action is, yet conscientiously removed from it.





Fifth & West’s low-density concept ensures every resident will have plenty of room. It’s a luxury that you’ll feel in every residence, every amenity, and yes, every closet.

You’ll find enough room for you and your family, as well as your spring, summer, fall and winter fashions to boot. And speaking of boots, there’s plenty of room for them, too. You see, when planning our residences, we made sure to leave plenty of real estate for the stuff that matters to you. In other words, your stuff. It’s the reason we place a high priority on ensuring ample closet space in each and every floor plan.

On top of that, we’re able to offer three distinctly different fashions of closet finish — a desirable upgrade courtesy of luxury closet brand Italkraft. With an eye towards maximizing space, they’ve skillfully mapped out the closet designs with our residents and their wardrobes in mind.

Each floor plan features a form-fitting design unique to its particular shape and available space. With features including recessed drawer handles, soft-closing drawers, inch-thick custom woodwork and efficient use of corner space.

It’s a space where your designer footwear, concert T-shirt collection and bespoke denims can peacefully coexist. Tucked comfortably out of your way, until Austin calls and it’s time to step out.





When planning the interior of a luxury residence, every sense is engaged.

Sight, in how you choose color or finish. Sound, in how you choose flooring and windows. Taste and smell in how you choose dinner-party worthy appliances.

And finally, touch. Because the quality of any interior is best conveyed by the feel of its surfaces.

Which is why we didn’t leave the cabinetry to just anyone. We called upon Italkraft to help us realize our vision for Fifth & West’s interior spaces.

Every residence’s built-ins were designed to make the utmost use of floor and wall space. Every cabinet, closet, and vanity scrutinized for clean lines and precision feel. No surface finish or storage solution was overlooked.

From recessed door handles to soft-closing Blum hardware, to the sheer number of Hettich drawers within each and every residence. Every choice has been meticulously planned and masterfully executed.

Perfection was the stated goal, and we believe it was dutifully met. Italian cabinetry that transcends utility, made by those who are driven by the smallest details. Details that you’ll see, and more importantly, you’ll feel.



Gourmet Demo Kitchen


Every residence at Fifth & West is equipped with a kitchen well prepared to tackle even the most ambitious dinner party.

But some occasions just can’t be contained, and yearn for a bigger stage.

Enter the Fifth & West gourmet demonstration kitchen, located at the center of the amenities parlor on the 6th floor and available to all residents. Lined with carefully contrasting tile work and state-of-the-art Miele appliances, our demonstration kitchen has been designed to be as spacious and inviting as it is accessible.

We designed our demonstration kitchen to be as spacious and inviting as it is accessible. Bring in a private chef to treat a small army of friends and neighbors to a gastronomic spectacle or enlist the help of a local sommelier for an intimate wine tasting.

A very intentional pass-through window connects the kitchen to the beautifully appointed dining area, where friends and guests can gather to enjoy the fruits of your culinary labor while seated under two spectacular overhead fixtures designed by the artists at Warbach Lighting.

Planning a global wine and cheese tasting? A charcuterie gala? A full-course meal filled with seasonal farm-to-table ingredients? Plan away. Mark your calendar. Now you’ve got the ideal locale to host your get-together.

We’ve set the table, but the menu is up to you.



Michael Hsu Office of Architecture


Fifth & West was indeed fortunate when the celebrated Austin architect and designer Michael Hsu agreed to plan and design the interior spaces of this iconic luxury tower. Known for design-driven architecture, a refined palette, and the use of locally available materials to create highly livable urban spaces — like the beloved South Congress Hotel and Uchi Restaurants —Michael was kind enough to describe his concept for Fifth & West in his own words.

“Form follows emotion. This was our guiding principle behind the interior spaces of Fifth & West. Instead of building from the bottom up, we started at the end, considering the spaces from the perspective of the people who will live here. Asking ourselves, ‘Once this building is filled with residents, what will happen here? Wine tastings? Birthday celebrations? Bar Mitzvahs? Game day barbecues? How do we lean a high-rise residence strongly in the direction of the homeowner?’

Fifth & West is a large building, but with a very small community within. So the idea of intimacy has been a part of this project from the beginning. With no restaurant or retail storefronts, it’s a very private place, reserved only for its residents. This heavily informed the interior spaces, which were designed to encourage a closeness among neighbors when they want it, but also
distance and anonymity if desired.

We also aimed to bring a genuine warmth to the interiors, with generous displays of naturality all throughout the building. We wanted to capture the woods, the natural green spaces that surround Austin, and bring them in.

We strove to create a space truly native to this city, that celebrated the people who lived here. It’s a building that can’t be from anywhere else. It can only exist here.”



Model Homes


The view from the deck of a gleaming glass tower is a piece of spectacular drama, offering miles of clear sight. But visualizing how your life and everything in it will fit inside that tower may not be so clear.

Luckily, two immensely talented designers offered to serve up their own unique takes on what luxury living could look like inside Fifth & West, and are happy to share a pair of fully furnished model residences with you for your personal perusal.

Let’s start with Claire Zinnecker: West Texas lover, Round Top antique enthusiast and Instagram impresario. Claire’s aim is to meld this town’s aesthetic with her own contemporary style and pour it into an elevated model home that’s big on textures, natural materials and most of all, keeping it Austin.

Her model is an homage to the local makers and doers and this city’s creative spirit.

The furniture is sure to be slightly eccentric, the fixtures rustic, and above all, sourced and handcrafted by fellow Austinites.

Meanwhile, Michael Hsu and his team look to luxuriously capture Austin’s laid-back personality by combining classic touches and understated designs into a model home that’s both elegant and restrained — two words that are synonymous with their renowned residential work. Bold, clean surfaces combine with muted materials and warm, rich woods, resulting in a statement that feels both unexpected and familiar. A masterful merger of old and new. Timeless with an Austin-centric twist.

Two visions of effortless downtown living that promise to offer a view you won’t soon forget.



Security Features


It begins on the welcome level. A space carefully designed to steer anyone who chooses to enter past at least one concierge stationed at the front desk, manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cameras in common areas monitor activity throughout the tower. Card readers mounted on entryways, elevators, and residences require the use of a universal key fob to grant access.

Integrated home automation systems allow the installation of personal security cameras in any residence.

Passage into and out of the garage is enabled by RFID windshield tag, unique to your car and your car only.

At Fifth & West, personal privacy is paramount. It’s a building armored with state-of-the-art defense measures that are always on guard, and endeavoring to maintain the safety and security of its residents, wherever they choose to spend their time. Ensuring that your home truly is your castle.



Guest Suites


It’s a tricky situation. Friends and relatives are in town and you’d like to give them a taste of the good life. But how do you accommodate your crew without sacrificing your own sanity? Well we’ve provided two guest suites that will serve brilliantly as a pieds-a-terre for visiting friends, diplomats, or in-laws.

Fully furnished and available for residents’ use, the two Fifth & West guest suites stand at the ready to take the burden off of your palace upstairs. While your residence surely has plenty of room for you and yours, the suites are happy to provide just a little separation from the in-laws, or be the perfect pad for a couple of college friends in town for a weekend of Formula One.

Located in the resident parlor on the 6th floor and available year-round for residents’ use, the suites will keep your guests close enough to enjoy the luxuries that come standard in the residential tower you call home, but far enough away to maintain a peaceful distance.

Because around here, we believe more personal space is a good thing for all parties. Especially you.



Fitness Center & Yoga Studio


The first time a residential tower offered a fitness center inside their building was cause for celebration. You could go for a run without ever stepping outside. Magic.

At Fifth & West, we’ve created a fitness and wellness center worthy of a new round of praise. Now you can bike the Swiss Alps without ever stepping outside.

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment that offers on-demand virtual instruction, it’s a facility that is quite intentionally unlike any of the cookie-cutter gyms you’ve come to know. A home fitness set-up that won’t ever sit in the corner gathering dust, but will actually motivate you to use it.

The gym comes complete with world-class workout equipment. Matrix treadmills, ellipticals, cycling setups, rowing machines, and ascent trainers on hand, all mounted with flat-screen monitors, providing the ability to simulate a hike through Yellowstone, a bike ride through Milan or a waterborne jaunt down the River Seine.

A fitness-on-demand console projects calisthenics and cool downs onto a drop-down screen in front of you as you workout, with over 70 possible regimens. Are you into Tae-Bo? Cardio? Krav Maga? Chances are, there’s an option for you.

And when you feel like something a tad less invasive, the yoga studio aims to keep you grounded, even six stories up.

No crowds. No hotel guests. Residents only, finding physical and mental health in a facility filled with expansive glass windows, so you can enjoy the Austin skyline as you tighten your physique and your psyche.



Lady Bird Lake


Lady Bird Lake is equal parts cultural mecca, recreational landmark and outdoor music venue. From fireworks and fine foods to festivals and furry friends, our town lake is a true people watcher’s paradise filled with activities
of all types.

If you feel like working on some cardio out in the open air, its waters are primed for canoeing, kayaking and paddleboards, and its 10 mile trail has long been home to cyclists, runners and athletes of all types.

Along the south bank sits Auditorium Shores, home to numerous festivals and events like Austin’s Food & Wine Fest, South-By-Southwest, Reggae Fest and the famed Austin Symphony July 4th Concert.

A few miles west is Red Bud Isle, a small island and dog park, easily accessible from land and readily available for your pooch and you to cavort with other canines and their owners.

And just a brief walk or jog away you’ll find Fifth & West. A towering homage to all things Austin, built from the tones, textures and inspiration found in its neighboring lakeside park. More than just neighbors. They’re soulmates.


Your Story


We’d like our final chapter to become your first.

Visit the Fifth & West Sales Gallery or contact us to discover all the reasons why this one-of-a-kind building stands alone among all other downtown luxury towers. Explore floor plans, inquire about pricing and availability or schedule a hardhat tour of the property in its final stages of completion.

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